So I'm wondering if i could get some help with a guitar pedal, im wanting a sound like Protest the Hero and i cant seem to get the right sound, so im wondering if someone can maybe tell me a good setting to put my Metal Zone MT-2 pedal to make it sound good, and the amp im using is a Roland Cube 30x, which probably doesn't help, but yes, if you could tell me some sweet setting for my amp and pedal it would be greatly appreciated. k thanks

The MT-2 is not good, and everyone here will tell you the same thing...

My suggestion, try using a nice creamy distortion instead of bees in a box.
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You're better off trying the amp with no pedal.

EDIT: Or better yet, a new amp. Do you have a budget?


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Well personally the MT-2 is junk in a box, now if you had a boss metal core, well then you would be in business, my buddy has one and it is amazing although his guitar is the first issue bc rich warbeast.
I can't agree that the MT-2 is that bad. although I think the Metalcore has a better low end to get an awesome palm mute and all-around better distortion, atleast for the kind of music.

My opinion? get an equalizer pedal.
alright, ill look into both of those becuase i cant get a good sound out of my amp, and pedal for like heavyer playing, my guitar is fine its the amp and pedals....
An option is to mod the MT-2. Changes the dynamics and sound of the pedal dramatically.. Removes the nasally mids, tightens the low end and clarity..

for $20 you can get a mod kit from monte allums and do it yourself..
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ive got a mt-2 i reckon its pretty good. i mean ive played about 3 or 4 distortion type pedals and its not worse than them.

in my opinion its the way you use it and what you use it for. if you use it for some good old shred riffin its great but its also great on other stuff.

so i like it.

just look at the setting sheet they give you with it (on the instructions) thatl get you close and then just make adjustments to fit your needs
the amp will sound 20 times better without the pedal..

no matter what amp you that pedal on.

seriously lol
dude... you have a Cube...
you dont need pedals. for one, the MT-2 sounds like poo no matter what amp you run it through and distortion pedal -> cube doesnt quite equal success.

get an EQ like that other guy said and just tweak the rectifier setting and you'll get what you're looking for.
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