Hey guys! I'm trying to customize a Peavey 4x12 cab. A firend gave me the cab. It came with Sheffield 1290 (only one was working). And I was planning to put two Celestion G12T-75 and two Celestion seventy/80. Does that sound good? Should I try something else? Maybe four Seventy/80. Hey what the heck, what about two 75's, one seventy/80 and the Sheffield. I play mostly hard rock and metal. Any help would be appreciated.
I cant really help you about the speakers because ive never tried any of them but i think you need to think about how they will project, as in, if you like the sound of one of them more than the others, have them mounted in the upper slots because you will hear them better than the ones near the grounds.
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I've heard two vintage 30's and two Texas Heat's in a 4x12 and that sounded pretty damn good for hard rock, metal, hell even classic rock.
I have no other option with speakers, those are the ones I have right now. I have the option of selling everything too. Just wanted to know if the combination was worth keeping.