Wooo something thats not metal XDD Aaaaanyway, lets get started then...

Emerald Acoustic
Me and a guitar. I guess you could call this my acoustic side project, if you like. At the moment I only have covers recorded [and only via an mp3 player microphone admittedly] but eventually I will record some original stuff for sure. This is something for me to do when I'm not writing and playing with my band, Astaire.

Speaking of which...

Astaire Rock/Alternative
The current formed in around 2006, in the ashes of an older band plagued with frequent line up changes. We've covered stuff from Evanescence to Chili peppers in the past, and I believe it is these diverse influences that has delevoped the sound we have today. Now much more focused on writing original material, we intend to see our last year together in this line up (some of us are going to Uni; me included) out with a bang as it were.

I know the recording quality isn't amazing on either but they're good enough for rough demos and things recorded on the fly as it were.

I'd really love some constructive feedback on these two. Just don't mention "You need singing lessons" cause I already attend lessons lol And I'm constantly working on my voice, trying to get over that confidence hurdle, ya know.

Thanks in advance.