Hi all,

As above I am looking for a Squier Fat Strat or Pacifica 112 in Black. This will be my first guitar, I am in the UK so if you can ship from the US to UK then that is fine.


tbh, theyre cheap enough to buy straight from a shop, you wont save much.

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You should go with the Pacifica. This thing plays incredibly well for it's price, and the squier has a significantly less built quality. The neck is smooth and fast, nice tone. Looks good, well built. It feels a little more expensive that it is really.

Just thought I'd give my 2 cents. I own a pacifica, but it's in blue. And I'm keeping it because I like it so much.

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I think a saw a pacifica 312 posted here and is still available. Just flip through, you'll find it, eventually. lol $200 US though.
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