would using a 60 grit sandpaper and then finisihing with a 100 grit sandpaper a smart way to carefully remove paint off a old les paul guitar?
do you want to remove the paint to refinish it or have a natural look?
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What? Lol that doesnt even make sense...

K one question, how old is this guitar, and why are you removing the paint?

Edit: I guess thats 2 questions...
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to refinish. its 38 years old and the paint on it is scratched and dented and welll....lets just say its just a big mess lol
you mean finishing finishing? like stain or finish? or just to remove paint? if your finishingfinishing, i'd go up to 400grit. thats what i'd do. i go fomr 60 or 80 to 120 to 220 to 400
im removing the paint to repaint it. thats what im doing. not leaving it in a natural look. is that what you mean?
It's 38 years old? You have a vintage 1970 Les Paul? Isn't that worth quite a bit of money?

Anyway, to take off paint, start with like 100 to get it off, move up to 220 to smooth it, then to 320 and it's ready for refinishing.
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its a pan/aria les paul. not a gibson. i asked a guy on here about it and he said i wouldnt get much for it.

so i get using the 100 to get the paint off and using the 220 to smooth the wood im guessing.but what does the 320 do for the whole process?
is 220 used to smooth out the remaining paint and them 320 finishes the job then?