Hey guys, on my Jackson, I got a Sustainiac pick-up in the neck pos. Middle is a single-coil STK-1, and bridge is a JB-TB4. I want to keep the sustainiac, but when I switch from the bridge to neck, I lose a -lot- of output, and it sounds pretty weak - I have to tweak the amp's volume to hold a level.

I want to know if there are any lower-output hums (maybe a mini?) that deal with distortion well (i.e. don't mud up)...Thing is, I'm not sure how much this would cost for a tech to do (I'm not up to doing it myself). The Sustainiac's function is to hold a sustain forever, in theory (until the battery runs out, anyway), but when it's turned on, the pick-up acts as a driver for this, rather than a pick-up. The bridge pick-up is doing the work, to speak.

Seeing it like that, is this set-up gonna be expensive to alter, since they're wired together in some kinda system, or could I swap out the bridge without an issue? I'm not too worried about the mid because I rarely use it, and if I do, I'm playing acoustic-style stuff usually, and don't tend to switch much.

tl;dr: Ideas for low-output humbuckers which hold distortion please.

Thanks once more, EG.
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So wait, what exactly are you looking to change?

Trying to get a high-quality, low output humbucker for the bridge position, basically. The difference in output is extremely noticeable when I switch to either extreme.