Has anyone heard of this amazing technical thrash band? They released an awesome album called World Circus in the 80's. Here's a good song by them:

Also sorry if this thread has already been made but I searched and didn't find a thread dedicated to them, link me to the thread if it exists and I'll delete this one.
Good stuff, discuss.
Quote by metallinutter
guitar good
drums good
bass loud
vocals annoying

not bad

I don't think the vocals are that annoying, but then again, I like that high-pitched metal falsetto voice quite a bit.
I got the World Circus album a few months back

great band
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I... I should return to Arkham.

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I have come home to Arkham.

Hugely underrated band.

Think This and World Circus are both win.
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Not a fan of the vocalist, but I do like these guys. Just started learning "World Circus" on guitar the other day...should be a crazy time once i get up to the solos.
they're coming out with a live DVD very soon... with a full show from 1989 (world circus lineup) and a whole mess of extras, including the only 2 songs that have ever been recorded on video from the Think This tour

search Toxik on Blabbermouth to see the artwork for it.
I prefer Think This to World Circus, personally. I'm curious to their new CD/DVD though.

Anyone else notice a bunch of tech metal bands from the 80s reassembling in the 00s to record a new album (Atheist, Cynic, Toxik, Watchtower)?
DOUBLE POST, sorry... but!

I don't know if you guys are aware of the band that immediately followed Toxik consisting of Josh, Brian, and Lou called "Autumn", but one of their songs, "Math and Melody", is on Lou's MySpace. It is really killer instrumental stuff, pretty unique too, a shame it didn't go anywhere.