SO my band is going into the studio soon to record the rest of our ep
Is it worth it to pay for the studio to duplicate all of our cds?
they would have cover art and a tray card and such, or is that not important seeing as this is our first cd, and we should just do it ourselves, one at a time on our home burners...?
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Getting at the studio would probably cost much more, but saves a lot of time. However, with the home burner, you can print out as many as you need to sell, but it'll take much longer. You also have to account for the number of CDs made, as they will start to cost you.

I'd go with the studio if I didn't have the time.
depends on how many you'll need in one go. If you have a huge gig coming up and you plan to sell 2000 copies then yes, if you think you'll sell 2 in the coming month then no.
I'd ask how much the studio will charge you, then look for similar deals online, as you could get it a lot cheaper.

If you are really pushing to sell copies though, you'll be more likely to sell with a professionally made CD rather than a crappy home burned copy written on with a marker.
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What is the sales projection?
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