I woke up this morning and i was pretty bored cuz there's no school today. So, I decided to make a song. Note: I hate making drums so i used one drum line over and over again, if it sounds really bad mute it.
Epic Song.zip
ok, well first off from the intro it's all far too chromatic really - at no point in the first 3 minutes did i ever know what key you were in, and that's really not good. as a result the song has no real feeling whatsoever. your lead guitar in no way harmonises with the acoustic or even the strings and you really need to work on that. Guitar pro is really helpful for this and if you want i'll be more than happy to send you a message with some tips and things.

Anyway the verse riff isn't all that bad, the chromatic feel adds tension here (it works well if you don't overuse it), but i'm afraid that lead riff needs a major overhaul. Again if you re-listen to it, it just doesn't fit with the notes on the acoustic. On the plus side I really liked bars 55-6, nice way back into the verse.

The transition into the distortion isn't really very smooth - don't worry overly about this though, it comes with time, and you've got to learn to kind of hear how it should go - and then spend hours on gpro making the damn program do what you want. The distortion part is pretty standard, nothing to say really - would like to see you keep the keys in for this, just adds a bit of atmosphere and it doesn't sound so empty.

The solo's again very chromatic, which isn't really to my taste. This isn't meant as an insult, but do you know how to pull up scales in guitar pro? It just makes everything a lot easier, especially if you don't know the scale all that well. The outro's got potential, but the riff needs a bit of variation to keep it fresh

Anyway, I know this all sounds very harsh and negative, but I'm a firm believer in constructive criticism. As I said, I'm more than happy to offer you some tips if you want, but keep writing, it's the only way you get better. My stuff when I started was terrible and I'd like to think it's not too bad now. Keep it up mate, best of luck
To me, it was really, really bland. There were no extremely impressive bits, except for the solo guitar, which didn't even make me begin to drop my jaw. Headache inducing, to boot.

7/10, just for its epic qualities and the bits which might be found neat by someone other than myself.
I'm sorry, but that was really bad imo. You obviously don't know any theory, and it looks like you pretty much typed random notes into guitar pro. Learn some music theory.... like how to play in key and how to make harmonies, and then give it another try.
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