Hi there,

got a new song, in fact this was born out the need for a smooth sounding backtrack to play along. hope somebody like it.

thanks for listening,



thanks strat man, Do not understand your lo-end comment.
do you mean to much or little low-end, or do you mean that the track sounding low-fi?

gr, j
Like, I don't hear much treble, it all seems mushed into bass (not instrument bass, but low end of the sound spectrum bass).
@ Strat man, I've checked it on several sound systems and my own monitors. the recording seems to be in balance? though de guitar sound a little to loud in the mix in de first minute. but I thinkn that's a matter of taste.

@ bksmooth, I don't know where to reply on your music so .... I checked out your music. I really like your stuff! cool concept, expirimental, en very cool beats!