I don’t need to write no more
The pen just writes for itself
The words I’d thought I’d never speak
The words that got me off my shell

Expose myself to the world
My within feelings you contemplate
You see the person that you loved
Became the bastard that you hate

The secrets that I couldn’t keep
Have broken the trust that you had
The sorry’s I said just sold out
The desolation that I led

You kill me through the day-by-day
When I wake up I just reborn
Live everyday with a stupid smile
And with a heart completely torn

You are a maniac with your pride
The character you have created
To please the others’ way to see
But your smooth way has slowly faded

How does it feel when you become?
The centre of all the attentions
When all the eyes are over you
And you’re on all the conversations

I’m just a spectator in this
I’m just the watcher in the corner
When some are standing by your side
And others say you’ve crossed the border

What do they have to do with your life?
Where the hell is privacy?
That takes the people to introcide
Our decadent society

I love you but you don’t care
I let me go but you’re not there
I’m just a spectator in this
You’re just the clothes that the world wears