You are looking at a rare Epiphone Bob Marley Les Paul. This is a limited edition model that was made for one year only by the Epiphone Custom Shop (so you know attenetion to detail and material quality is the best among Epiphone guitars). This guitar is a true player! It is easily comparable to an Ephiphone Elitist and even some Gibson Les Pauls. Actually, the father-in-law could not believe how great it sounded next to his '82 Ibanez Artist (which is reguarded as being superior to Gibson's Les Pauls of the era).

Here are some specs:

- Bob Marley "One Love" graphic
- Bob Marley truss rod cover
- Mahogany body with one-piece mahogany neck
- Rosewood fretboard (one of the nicest I've seen anywhere; very silky with great color and grain)
- Rastafarian colored inlays
- Stock hot alnico pickups (does not come with the SD pictured in the neck)
- Creme Gibson pickup rings and pickguard (Original black rings included as well)
- Gold Tune-o-matic bridges and stopbar
- Gold Sperzel locking machine heads
- Gold Gibson tophat knobs
- Brass nut
- Black with gold writing Treble/Rythmn switch plastic (not pictured)
- Bob Marley edition hemp gig bag

This guitar is lightly reliced (please see pictures). The wear is minor and adds a lot to the guitar's character (not like most tacky reliced guitars that you see around).


Price: $500 + s/h
I purchased it new for $780 CDN. It's a limited model and extremely rare, only several hundred were made. I put a little bit of money into it with the gold hardware, so coupled with the CDN dollar being par with the US, Im definately losing money on it. The only reason Im selling is because I recently purchased a very expensive stratocaster and funds are kind of tight right now with student loans. I truly wish I could keep it.