Poll: Which is the best effects system to go with under £200?
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View poll results: Which is the best effects system to go with under £200?
Boss ME-50 and Line6 AM4
2 25%
POD2.0 with FBV4
0 0%
DigiTech GNX3000
2 25%
Save for Boss GT-10
2 25%
Other option (please give details)
2 25%
Voters: 8.
Hi all,

Try this thread again to be more specific. I'm after a good multi-effects unit in the UK. I've got a budget of up to £200/$400, but don't want to spend it all if possible. I play lots of things: punk/metal (?) like AFI, progressive rock and metal like Muse and Dream Theater and anything from classic rock to heavy metal. To do this, I need some effects - all I have are overdrive and chorus pedals, and my OD pedal ain't much good (impulse buy).
Overall, I want a modeller as my Laney is a bit limited, but even £200 won't get me a good amp with some nice pedals. So, I lined up three options:

1. Boss ME-50 coupled with a Line6 AM4 amp modeller.
The POD seems to have weaker effects, so I'd pair the (reportedly) superb Boss effects with the modelling capability of the Line6 box (the AM4's a Pod minus the effects). Total: ~£200 for both
Pros: versatile, build quality, Line6 amp models, Boss COSM effects, failsafe if one fails
Cons: lots of wires, no patches, expensive together

2. Line6 POD 2.0 with FBV4 Floorboard
My first choice was the Pod, but it's effects don't seem all that good., so this is a real maybe. Also, stock, it has no foot controls. So it's an extra £60 for the floor controller. It does have direct patch editing via MIDI, but it seems overly complex to dial in the right settings. Total: ~£140
Pros: industry standard, editing, Line6 amp models
Cons: one box, weak effects?

3. DigiTech GNX3000 Guitar Workstation
This I came across this evening. It looks like an amazing piece of kit - well-made, with good models and reasonable ease of use. It has lots of extras, and can download patches direct via USB so it could sit under my computer desk plugged in permanantly. It seems to have decent patches and a strong user base of patch creators. Total: £160
Pros: loads of features, loads of effects, customisable, editing, drum machine(!)
Cons: one box, don't know much about Digitech modelling technology

Failsafe option 4. Save for a Boss GT-10
This gadget's out of my price range, but it's top of the line and looks superb. It has Boss's COSM effects engine and reportedly brilliant amp modeller. But it's too expensive for me, and looks exceedingly complex. Total: £320
Pros: customisable, features, Boss COSM
Cons: too expensive, complex

Now, I want to try amp modelling cos I can't afford a great amp and a great set of pedals, so modelling might help me get the tone I really want without having to dig deep for a tube amp (I love the sound of a Mesa Recto; I know modelling's hardly gonna put a $3000 amp in my room, but it might give me a better sound than tweaking my amp's settings, eh? Oh, and this would be for home use with a view to maybe using live later this year.
As for effects, a large quantity of effects would be nice, but not at the expense of quality. Which of these options do you think I should go with to get the best compromise? I know they're really quite different but they're what I could come up with. Also, have I missed anything obvious? If you think so, post a response!

Thanks in advance guys!

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I have a gnx3000. OK product, but much better when you buy the SuperModels CD, as the stock presets blow. I actually have some clips in my profile where you can hear it if you want.
neither, buy a used tube amp from that money.. its much better (look for old laney amps)
Gt-10 Ftw.
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I voted for the GT-10, but would a GT-8 be in your price range? When I played one it was real nice.
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save for a tc electronic G-Force, it's really the only multi worth using.
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TC Electronics G-major FX processor.
This doesn't have amp models, but I've heard that the Fx are great.
Vox Tonelab
This is cheaper than the Boss and does just about as much.

You are going to need a really good clean channel on your amp that handles multi-Fx processors well. I purchased the PodXT live for my Dual Rec and it sounded terrible. I returned it and bought a used flextone III for home use. I love this amp and it's extremely versatile. (Plenty of models and effects)
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Don't necrobump. This is so old that the Multi-FX in question are out of date to the newer models.
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