So, uhm... I locked myself out of my car, I thought I had placed the keys in my pocket, but apparently not. So now I kind of don't know what to do, its still at school, walked home and have been looking for diagrams or something on how to unlock my car.

Anyone had any success with a coathanger?

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Call a locksmith.

A coat hanger will work, but it could **** up your window waterproofing, resulting in water getting in your car whenever it rains.
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I'm trying to look for the spare key, but so far I haven't had any luck. The car is a Toyota Corolla 1999 model. Its my ****ing car, I think I should have the right to do w/e I want with it, how's it illegal?
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What do people usually do after they **** their sisters?
some girl at my old school got proper deperate and smashed her tiny triangle window, then a bird managed to shit right through it onto her gearstick.

i lul'd.
call a lock smith or break your window.. breaking the window might be cheaper.. get a quote first from two people though.
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Screwdriver thro' the lock barrel's usually quickest. Even a cackhanded fool can twist it open in 10 seconds. Good luck.

..and then have fun with your non-lockable door.
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Coathangers work, but you might consider calling the cops to see if they have a "slim jim". Locksmith would work but they do charge.....

When my friend locked him keys in the car, we went at it with a coathanger from where the door and the bar body itself meet. Just take a hanger and jimmy your way into the car and try to hit the unlock button.

BTW, he drove a mid-90s stratus.