Hello, i recently bought a Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60DFX Guitar Combo Amp off musiciansfriend.com and im experiancing some "problems" with it, or at least i think so. Basically when i play, say i set a real muffed muddyish sound and start playing with it, after awhile at random times the sound will change and get noticeably louder and act like i turned up the mid/treble. So i'm wondering if anyone knows what this problem is caused by and if its returnable for the same amp? ( i purchased the amp less than 45 days ago)
Nah, i love the amp, its just when i play with distortion it randomly will change and add volume
No offense, but the H&K blue is like the MG of H&Ks line.
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No offense, but the H&K blue is like the MG of H&Ks line.

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Yes of course you can return it if it has problems.

My wah pedal broke.. no warranty.. randomly stopped working months after I got it and they let me send it back to get fixed by Dunlop

also got a delay pedal.. decided I didn't want it anymore and I got to send it back for a refund =]
of course it was in the 45 day time limit and in perfect condition.. but still