So im planning to buy a 2nd electric guitar on july, i play a lot of hard rock, heavy metal and punk rock, love tapping and power chords.

Im between a Kramer Striker or a Fender Affinity Stratocaster

(the stratocaster is just $20 more expensive or something like that)

Which one should i buy?


Striker: 1
Affinity Stratocaster: 0

I dont care if im not a begginer and if i should save more, just tell me which of those 2 is better
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What guitar do you have now? What amp are you playing through?

Well i have a GMC (dont laugh), thats why im buying a new one.

My amp is a little Laney Hardcore Max 10
Save up more (neither is a good step-up guitar), and/or take it to the electric guitar forum.
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Save more. Neither are worth buying if you're not a beginner or don't plan on modifying.
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