Ok, so I have been playing for 3 years or so, and I currently have two no-name guitars (well, one is (and it's strings rub against the fret bars like there's no tomorrow, I don't know how I ever played it - first guitar), the other is Jay Turser, a fairly well known starter guitar company). They are both beginner guitars, and I feel I'm ready to move up to the big name guitars.

Both of the guitars I own were never tested by me when I bought them, my first one was just bought by my Dad from his friend, it's a starter guitar, I didn't need to test it out, only $100 not of my money. Second guitar was a gift from Christmas, $200, I couldn't test it, but it actually is (compared to a fender squier ) a decent guitar.

Now I've gotten a job a few weeks ago, and it's pay-day soon, and my friend is selling me a BC Rich Special Edition (I don't know if it's a special edition of any certain guitar, or just a special edition in general). The kid says he bought it for $1500, and he only played it about 5 times (his amp broke or something), and I don't really trust the kid, so I asked his brother (who I do trust), and he says he payed $1400 and played it 3 or 4 times. So the story checks out, it's high-end. The kid is selling it to me for $300.

While I will almost certainly buy it (the kid likes drugs, that's why it's cheap), but as I've never tested out a guitar, I don't really know how..

My questions are:

- What should I play? A song? A riff? Scales?
When I was taught guitar I had to play a standard C scale (using only the first 3 frets, but all strings, ascending and descending), so I REALLY know what that sounds like, so I'll play that at the bottom, as well as at the 12th fret to test how high and low sound.. But is that enough?

- Should I be looking for anything in particular? Like certain parts on it or something?
I don't want a guitar that has pieces from a bunch of other guitars, I was told it is basically brand new, but I just want to be sure.

Thanks for any help.

EDIT: To see what the guitar looks like search 'Special Edition Series Avenge' in google, the one with the pink trim around it, and it's black. I'll be getting the same one except the one I'm getting has green trim instead of pink.
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And prepare flame shield for BC Rich!
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