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For me its: Tool, Clutch, & DevilDriver. All of these shows blew me away. DevilDriver & CLUTCH were especially badass because they were very small venues and you could get as close as you wanted to get. At DevilDriver I was so close I could talk to them between songs even. Met Dez & everything, it was killer.
Tool (Dec 1/07)[Victoria BC Canada], System of a down (June 26/07)[Calgary AB Canada] Disturbed (May 26/07)[Calgary AB Canada]
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Any of you three first posters realize this is the metal forum ?

Last three...?

Cannibal Corpse last year, Opeth in 05/06, and Dream Theater in 03.
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gigantour, all that remains with chaimara and light this city, and rush. fvck yeah

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ProgNation, Gigantour, Amon Amarth.
In that order.
Suffocation, Warpath, Destruction.
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0-0-0-13-0-0-0-0-13 or something like that alalalala but It;s so heavy and off time and awesome and you could not f**k anyone to it.

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Gigantour last month, Nile in March, and Rush in August. And Ozzfest about a week before Rush.
In Flames w/ Bodom
Shadows Fall/Static X ( close enough lol)
Sounds of The Underground/Ozzfest 07 ( don't remember which one first lol)
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Last one: Paganfest (local act, Tyr, Turisas, Ensiferum)
Before that: Symphony X with Epica (no Simone Simons though ) and Into Eternity
Before that: Dream Theater with Into Eternity and Redemption
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Defenders of the Faith - Arch Enemy & Opeth w/ DevilDriver & 3 Inches of Blood
Arrived 15 minutes after the doors opened and 3 Inches were already half way through their set Devildriver slayed despite technical difficulties during "I Could Care Less". Opeth had almost no stage presence and I couldn't help but think they shouldn't have been co-headlining. Arch Enemy. Wow.

Megadeth w/ Job For a Cowboy
JFaC were terrible, but Megadeth were simply amazing. Great setlist, with some surprise songs. Chris Broderick was incredible considering he'd only been in the band a few weeks. Got to shake hands with Dave Mustaine and James Lomenzo afterwards, and got my ticket signed by both of them

Black Crusade - Machine Head & Trivium w/ Dragonforce, Arch Enemy & Shadows Fall
What an awesome show. Shadows Fall had what seemed like 10 minutes on stage but made the most of it. Arch Enemy played a brief "best of" set and left the crowd eager for more. Dragonforce weren't as good as the rest because Sam Totman was totally wasted. Big surprise. Trivium played a good set, but Matt Heafy needs som vocal coaching. Machine Head were great as usual (my 3rd time seeing them) and the crowd went berserk for almost every song. Halo was my song of the night, just amazing.
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Down Feb 9th
Cannibal corpse Oct 5th
Sounds of the Underground
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April 25th - Paganfest - Local act, Tyr, Turisas, Ensiferum
April 11th - Symphony X with Into Eternity and Epica as openers
March 16th - Iron Maiden
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Soundwave Festival - Great lineup, fail of a festival
Dream Theater - Epic. Just amazing. Met the band, got Petrucci's pick, concert was amazing.
Iron Maiden - Quite boring. Band was good, but I felt like I was watching a DVD. The atmosphere was gone.
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I... I should return to Arkham.

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Progressive Nation 2008, just a few hours ago
Children of Bodom + Amon Amarth, a bit over a year ago
Various local shows scattered throughout my years.
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Death Angel/Forbidden Feb 28th, Slim's San Francisco, CA:
Great show. Forbidden were great to see live especially with Gene Hoglan as their drummer. Played lots of great technical songs. Death Angel were amazing as always, played lots of old and new songs. Very fun moshpit, and I got both guitarists to sign my poster of death angel afterwords.haha

Summer Slaughter '07 -July Sacramento,CA:
Amazing Show. Arsis, Necrophagist, Decapitated (still with Vitek RIP), the Faceless, Cephalic Carnage, Ion Dissonance, a lot of great tech death bands. Necrophagists' drum solo was amazing as were all the other bands. Decapitated made everyone mosh like crazy hahahaha. brilliant.

Death Angel '06 Sacramento,CA:
Good show, forgot the other opening acts but they were only local bands and were not very impressive. Maybe Hatebreed opened also, but it wasn't that great. Death Angel were very fun, they know how to get a moshpit going, keep the energy and headbangers happy and thrash like wild. You deffinetely won't get "bored"

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Last three were:
Enslaved in November 07
Machine Head / Arch Enemy, sometime in Oct 07
Heaven and Hell / Alice Cooper / Queensryche in Oct 07 I think

It's kinda sad, the last 2 concerts I would have gone to (Amon Amarth in Dec and Prog Nation last week) I bought tix to, but then couldn't go to because of grounding. And this isn't counting the tons of local shows I've gone to and played with my band over the last several months.

It's a little disappointing, I used to go to concerts at least once a month but now it's waaaay less, because of money mostly.

How about a "3 BEST concerts you've ever been to" thread? That would be pretty interesting.
as far as metal bands are concerned,

Iron Maiden
Amon Amarth

besides that, also Porcupine Tree and Santana. Not a bad start to the year

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April 20th 2008 - Gigantour

Sept 19th 2007 - Radio Rbellion (Behemoth, JFAC)

previously... BFMV
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Progressive Nation 2008 a couple days ago,

Divine Heresy - April 26 (The last show with Tommy Vext),

and Down on February 11

All great shows.
Gigantour, Nile, and Rush. All of them were amazing.
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I would gone to Massgrave this weekend but i had no cash
Some local show with my buddies bands and some terrible scene bands
Dawn Of Destruction; Cephalic Carnage w Waitain ,Averse Sefira,Exit Strategy ect

so few good non 18+ shows come to Calgary it's lame. The only great show we've ever had was Suffocation,Cryptopsy(With Worm),Despised Icon,Aborted and Thorazine.
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Dimmu Borgir w/ Behemoth, Metal Blades 25th Anniversary, and ozzfest. (With lots of crap local shows in between) =)
Iron Maiden -
It was good, but the venue was ****. Worst acoustics ever, would have sounded better if i buried my self 2 metres under ground, set the dirt on fire (somehow...) got someone to build a water tank above me, and the band played on a passing 767 while I sliced my ears with razor blades. Would have damaged my hearing as much too.
The most ironic thing is, is that the reverberated sounds from the rear of the venue were actually louder than the amplified sounds.

But damn, desptie being along way from the stage, I must say I have never seen a fifty something year old man run around with such vitality as Bruce and Cohorts.

Nightwish w/ Voyager
Voyager were ultra, ultra, ultra cheesy...even cheesier than the moon. But not bad, and they put on a relatively good show.
And nigtwish were very good, I feel the new singer is much better than Tarja, and has a better (most of the time live show). And the audience managed to get all members of the band to finish their bottle of vodka at the end of the gig...that was funny.

Dream Theater
WERE AMAZING, the played flawlessly, and their music has so much power live than I would have expected. Honestly songs like Constant Motion, Panic Attack and The Dark Eternal Night (which had an awesome animatic) were truly allowed to reach their potential, and it was piss funny to see Mike Portnoy, mime wanking while Petrucci was playing the Dark Eternal Night solo.

BUT, do to the ****ty limits of the venue, the power went out, could not be started again, and the show had to be cut short by an hour...I will definitely see them again though.
-Machine Head (black crusade)
-Behemoth and Kataklysm
-Graspop 2007 (metal festival in belgium)
well, that's pretty funny now I think of it.
last one was Band Zonder Banaan, the one before that was Band Zonder Banaan, and the one before that was Band Zonder Banaan XD. o no, now I think of it the 3rd was some festival last year with Van Velzen, Di-rect, Ilse de Lange(all dutch bands, just like Band Zonder Banaan) and P!nk(my gf is a big fan of her, that explains a lot:P
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gigantour 08 @ hammerstein ballroom

symphony x @ nokia theater

hatebreed (stillborn fest) @ irving plaza
Cauldron Black Ram, with Kill for Satan. The other bands I don't remember because they were probably shit.

Can't remember the gigs before that either, as I tend not to go out any more. Too many mutants attend these things.
Megadeth on gigantour 08, Cannibal Corpse October 5th, Queensryche at the nokia theater. They were all awesome concerts.
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