I was hoping to give my LP's neck pup, a brighter tone. I am going to try some different caps. I was thinking about changing the 500k tone pot for the neck to a 1 meg. If I did this would I have to change the neck vol pot to a 1 meg as well?

I just don't know if there is a way the 500k vol pot will choke down a 1 meg tone pot.

All pots (no-load pots not included) suck tone, lower values more than higher values. Your 500k pot won't ruin the effect the 1M is having, but it will of course have its own effect. The amount of treble you get will be somewhere in between two 1Ms and two 500ks.
You could always wire it straight through and get a super bright aggressive tone if you want lol. I did it but got tired of it and went with a 290k resistor for my bridge pu in my g400 since i didn't like using any pots for the bridge.
Thanks guys.

I wired the middle pickup on my Strat straight though, and I love it for cleans. I just want a little more. Ahh for $5 i will get it and maybe a couple caps and try some different stuff out. I just wanted to make sure I didnt need to change them all over to 1meg's