I am playing electric a lot more now then usual; I used to play acoustic fingerstyle a ton. I am just finishing learning "No Rain" by Blind Melon, and I think I will be doing Jessica by The Allman Brothers next. Anyways, I have some leftover cash.. about 120-140$ and I am thinking about buying pedals.

What are the first pedals I should be buying?

I play mainly Classic Rock, but I would REALLY like to get into Reggae.

I was thinking a wah pedal especially for the reggae side, but it also works with Classic Rock.

What are some great brands as well? (I am looking for a GOOD pedal. Not expensive/amazing, but not a cheap **** one)


Also heard that delay pedal is good for Reggae. I have reverb... so maybe Wah/Delay?

I know "No Rain" uses Delay... so maybe Wah and Delay would work for Reggae and Classic Rock.

ah I need to stop rambling.
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i have a dunlop crybaby signature but i have played others and they sound amazing

the Dunlop Multi-Wah is great i def recommend it and its in your price range
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For a wah I'd suggest a Dunlop origonal crybaby ($70). As for delay, that's really up to you, maybe get a Boss DD-3 or the new MXR Carbon Copy. Definitely stay away from the Behringer stuff.
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Dunlop makes good wahs (not the original tho) but for your style i'd look at vox.
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I have an OS-2. Very nice for a first pedal.

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I've heard a ton about Dunlop wah being good and the "original" being bad.

Zakk Wydle signature was supposed to be good?

I think I will go try out some wahs.

I may go with the DD 3 though, that looks nice.

Thanks everyone!