im a borderline intermediate ready for expert guitarist, i have so many influnces
im really stuck on learning stuff that will get me better, one song that helped me get better was bark at the moon, the trooper. But now i am stuck becuase i learn songs, but dont improve of them, i need to get faster as well, so if u could suggest some songs that would help me improve that would help
choose songs that push you. ones that you really have to focus on and put time into. songs that make your hands sore. And another not so attractive technique: play some different styles. Different styles will help your hands to move in new and different ways and feel around the neck in new lights. Trust me, even if it is not as fun, you will improve and also boost your creativity. Try jazz. I have a friend who loves metal and then last year he discovered jazz and realized it was hard to play and for that reason only he loves it. and because he says it sounds weird haha
I've found playing classical music helps boost your speed and give you better control of your fingers; try Summer by Vivaldi!
Jackson, Peavey, Line 6 <3