I'm 15 years old.
I have been saving up to get a guitar for quite some time by working for neighbors and such. opportunities are rare.

So I have saved up a little more than $450.

I need advice on which guitar to buy.
I am already set with buying a
Roland Micro Cube as my amp.

It will be $125

So I have roughly 325-350 dollars to spend on a guitar.

I was thinking about this.
Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker.

What do you think?
Should I buy a cheaper guitar and get pick-ups for it?

Also. I'm going to be laerning on this guitar.
So I am not worried about it sounding super awesome.

So any input will be appreciated.
There's a lot better in the price range.
What styles of music do you play?
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i personally like Epiphone Les Pauls (mainly cause i have one),

they're very versatile, but i got mine for $450,

i dont own one, but the MIM (Made In Mexico) Fender Strats ive played have been great aswell,

i mean its your call, but i wouldnt trust a $350 Gibson, i think the quality would be suspect, you get what you pay for with a Gibson, but ive never played one, so your call
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I'm want to play metal.
and then move on to playing stuff like
coheed and cambria
and eventually
songs by the fall of troy.

But mostly metal.
okay so now, after going to my local shop
I think I'm pretty set on
either an Epiphone Les Paul
Gibson Melody Maker.