I would skip the EMGs and save up for a better bass.
Referring to Victor Wooten
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Your probably better off getting a new bass, dude.
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I already have a Fender bass but just thought to update the old one.
If you're just antsy for some modding, you could try wax potting the pups and replacing all of the electronics/shielding the controll cavity. That's a project that will take a little bit more time than just swapping pups, and only cost you $20 between wax/sealant and electronics. And it might make the bass sound a little better (might not make a difference), either way you get to get some modding out of your system for cheap and might like the result.
strap locks and a happy face sticker on the headstock.

for a warm, full sound, boost your mids and bass a wee bit extra.
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