Well, I received my new Gibson Les Paul Classic three weeks ago. I had purchased a Line 6 Spider Jam, returned it to Guitar Center (They're GREAT about taking things back, in 30 days, by the way), Ordered a Peavey Classic 30 in Black Tweed. I was disappointed, as the only Black was in Vinyl. It didn't seem to be the best vinyl, so I also returned it to GC and purchased a 40W Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 112. I want to try and keep my amp off the floor in my basement, so I have it on my Sauder Entertainment Center, that held my old Teac 5500 for the past 33 years. The Hot Rod Deluxe is larger than the Classic and Heavier. I was considering returning it, yet again, and possibly get the Mesa Boogie Express 5/25. It's smaller, lighter, but more expensive, which is OK with me. I'll pay for a good quality amp. So, what do you guys think. Should I keep the Hot Rod or go with the Mesa? I'll be using it with my Les Paul Classic and the new Boss GT-10. I play at home in the basement, but I may also venture out and jam with my friends once in a while. Hey, Guys...I appreciate your input of experience and knowledge on this!
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if you're looking for classic rock and a little heavier, I think the Express is a good choice. Not a big fan of the HRD's OD tbh. I thought the Classic 30 sounded better, just opinion. If you aren't looking for metal tones, I think the Express are nice little amps. Would be handy to have the low wattage feature in your situation too.
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Exactly what Erock said.

If you're looking for more of a classic rock amp, I'd go with the Express, it's decent at what it does, but for the price, I agree, the F series are more versatile, and can be found quite a bit cheaper.
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