Where do you go to get away from all your destractions? Ive had too many encounters with the TV blarring and my mom barging in on me and its effecting the things im thinking about. Cost me about 5 good lines ive thought up so far and I get destracted and lose them... So where do you go to get away. Im thinking of going to the park that no one ever goes to.
I just go in my bedroom. Barely ever get bothered. And when I do, I'm just writing guitar riffs, and record them onto my loop station as soon as I get something worthwhile
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I come up with most of my good lyrics and ideas when i'm in public and a million miles from any musical instrument or computer, so i always have a pen and a pocket pad to jot them down.
people think i'm crazy and taking notes about them, this is ok, its good to let people think you're studying there every movement.
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they make horrible noises in the middle of the night (is it sex?)

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I personally like to write in busy places, but I suppose that is because I am a people watcher. The bus in particular gives me alot of time and inspiration to write as I see the different people. I like to keep my mp3 player on also so it gives that sense of rhythm in the background.
i dont know how you guys do that! if i lived in the city i would move out as soon as i turned 18 cuz i cant stand busy places (maybe cuz im closterphobic). i need somewhere to sit in the quiet to write. usually my room does just fine but i get phone calls alot and i get interupted right in the middle of some good writing....it sucks :P
I write all of my best lyrics after or close to midnight when i can sit in my room and its totaly dark and soundless


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Usually when I'm outside, when I go on hikes I take a pad with me and I just take in nature.

Cheesy, but I've got quite a few nature oriented lyrics.
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good idea about the late at night thing but i got school and i gotta wake up really early so that might only work on weekends. also about the nature idea i think thats a good idea cuz i go camping alot and ill just go into the woods and sit by a tree and watch the surroundings. thanks!
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I write all of my best lyrics after or close to midnight when i can sit in my room and its totaly dark and soundless

Me too but not necessarily after midnight. Just when everyone's asleep.
Either that or during school. Rarely ever just during the day. (...unless i'm in school )
always late at night, in my room when its dark and quiet and no one will come in and bother me.
Well I rarely write lyrics or anything but I do write basslines, however I find my garden bench/wall to be my favorite place to sit and play bass and try to make something up. I keep my note book handy as well and tab up stuff as I make it up.

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