hae i wana know what the best song is to learn. i have just brought my guitar and i am learning tabs but there are so many to choose form and would like to know what you all think on which song i should learn??
House of the Rising Sun
Dissonance is Bliss

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You can't play smoke on the water acoustically...I agree with doompers7491 and another one would be Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance) by Green Day, just cause everyone knows that song
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he said acoustic guys.

bad moon rising - ccr
most def.

it electric but its just open chords and some picking fer the solo
Have you ever seen the rain?-CCR and stairway intro all beginners must learn that
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Layla Unplugged

The solos are a bit of a challenge, especially the last one. But it's a really nice song.
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You can't play smoke on the water acoustically...

I actually CAN play smoke on the water on acoustic. It's hard, but after years of practice I finally got it down
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i think that good riddance by green day is actually a really challenging song for beginners, if you play the arpeggiated chords.
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Can someone type a link to an easy stairway to heaven and house of the rising sun tabs here?

Please and thanks
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