Ok so i get 2 play at my cousins wedding, its more or less a charity thing from him. and ive got a band together, but no set list for it. And i love tearing it up with some Slash and Sweet Child O' Mine, but i don't think its 2 appropriate for a wedding. Could anybody throw some band names and songs out there for me?? dude it would b so amazing if anybody could!!
cannon...simple as that it sounds like stuff they would play at a wedding
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GREENSLEEVES!!! its actually written for weddings. and it's for guitar!

other than that, i cum blood is a pretty good foreshadower for the honeymoon.
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nothing else matters (metallica), elvis, johnny cash, chuck berry, animals, procol harem, the verve, those would rlly go down well in a wedding.
Ok ... so when they are entering start playing "Dude Looks Like A Lady".
Ask the bride and groom if there's anything they'd like you to play specifically-most people have a few songs that they love.

Don't do anything that's got a negative theme, or is about failing to achieve love. Obviously. :p

Remember the range of people at a wedding-from little kids to elderly grandparents. Try and keep everyone happy. It's not a situation where you can alienate people, because they'll complain to whoever it is who organised the wedding.

Some music people can dance to-jazz, funk, and the like is always a nice touch.

And remember you'll probably be playing for a while, depending on where it is and where you're playing. So make sure you've got a good long list of potential songs, and be prepared for requests.
Let's Get It On-Marvin Gaye, Brown Eyed Girl-don't remember who, Let's stay together- Al Green-, Every Breath you Take-The Police, Everything I do ( I do it for you)- Bryan Adams, Love Ballad- George Benson, When we Dance- Sting, A Whole bunch of Jazz Standards to pass the time...

Do you get the gist? No Tearing it up a la Slash, no evil Death Metal songs about Satanic Viking warlords, probably no Led Zeppelin either. come to think of it, most of the music most UG-ers play is probably unfit for a wedding. Just play nice, proper songs that will get people up and dancing.

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are you kiddin? stairway to heaen would be a hit, i kno evry1 expects to see old jazz, country sh*t but it doesnt mean they all want to, id be thrilled to hear some hendrix, sum nothing else matters and light rock songs (dosnt have to be heavy).