Hey guys, heres an acoustic version of OneRepublics - All We Are. I love the song, and I love the band so I figured I would cover it. I may re-record it, because I think I can do better. But I was too frustrated to try again so this might do for now.

C4C as always
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Nice cover. Nice guitar too. Theres some reverb on the vox....maybe it wasn't intentional but you could lose it.

I like your voice...theres a HINT of whinyness to it, but other than that, it's pretty good. 8/10/
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Thanks man appreciate it. I dig the verb on the vox, some people don't but I like it so I guess :P. I just re-did the cover because I wasn't satisfied so hopefully that whinyness crap is gone and I have better pitch.
Nice work.

I Pm'd you .
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sounds fantastic dude!
i wish the guitar were a bit louder
but i really enjoyed it
especially the chorus
I like it, you did a good job of this song. There was one or two points where the vocals sounded slightly....very slightly out. I like your voice though. I liked it overall, it's a good acoustic cover. If you have time could you crit my version of the trapeze swinger by iron and wine? Just click Here
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Thanks guys. I defnitely hear where my voice is out, theres a few spots I am working on. Hopefully I can get a 3rd version up sometime haha. And I guess you could call it a home studio, but its really just me in my basement with an expensive mic and an m-audio Fast track interface.
hey man thanks for crittin my song..anyways about yours..i liked it pretty good man..iv never heard that song before but i liked what i heard..i have heard stop and stare before though and your cover of that was pretty good too..i like your voice alot..the recording quality was really nice too...what is your setup?
Hey thanks for the response! Heres my equipment (Its really rather cheap..) I have an M-Audio FastTrack Pro(200$) that I plug my mic and guitar into. I have an AKG Perception 200 microphone (200$) an Ovation Celebrity Acoustic, and I use Ableton Live Lite 7.01 for my interface. Live is the best recording software I have ever seen, a TON of effects and stuff like that. When I record I usually slap a little bit of reverb on my voice and some little tweaks for my guitar here and there to make it sound like it actually is live.

Thanks for your comments!
Awesome work dude,Great singing...I've never heard that song before but I went to check it out after giving you're vid a listen.You also sound alot like jimmy from the band mercy drive,you should check them out.

Good stuff.
i'd listen and give feedback to your song but unfortunately i can not access youtube properly. my internet is slowed down (woo hoo for australian broadband!)

...i'm sure its good though going off everyone else's comments :P
I thought it was really good but I don't think you need quit that much reverb on your voice. The singing and playing was really good. We have the same mic so that's pretty cool haha. You've also inspired me to learn that song. thanks for the crit btw.
Thanks man. I'll take down the verb a little bit, since people keep commenting on it. Do you think I sing too much like a whisper in this song? Because originally the whole song I was singing full out and people told me to sing less, and now I feel like I am singing too little. Its hard for me to tell if my own stuff is good..
thanks for the crit. as other people have said there don't seem to be any problems, I liked the singing (nice mic btw) and the guitar. The reverb doesn't seem too obvious while I guess the guitar could be a little bit louder (I don't think it matters too much since the main focus of the song is the vocals). anyway two thumbs up from me!