I'm a guitarist, novice/internediate at best. I'm still learning but looking to find a novice/intermediate drummer or band to jam with. I've never really jammed before and would like to get into it a little more.

I am into Rock/Metal, Folk, anything that catches my ear really... I live in Gatineau. I'm English but I understand and can speak french. I have an acoustic guitar and an electric, but unfortunetly I do not have an amp at this present time. I will be investing in an amp soon enough, I have a practice acoustic amp however.

If interested you can reply here, talk to ya's soon.
My toys:

BC Rich Platinum Warlock
Mako Strat Copy
ION Electric-Acoustic
Behringer V-Tone GMX212
ION Acoustic Practice Amp
Korg PX4D Effects Processor