me and my friend are in the same band, he needs a good loud enough combo amp. i have had experience with solid states and they suck big dick, what is a good tube combo amp that is in his price range (around 400). if it helps we play rock, kinda like saosin, mixed with paramore and escape the fate. if it helps he is the rhythem guitarist.
I've recommended them a lot lately, but B-52 makes a nice combo for about $500. The AT-212, (or the 112, which is cheaper) are really versatile amps. 3 channels, nice effects, great tone. My friend has one (212) @ school and we switch off on guitar for Jazz band, and when the teacher is not looking, we crank that mutha and damn, it righteous.
well, in my experience, the Classic 30 is hands down the best combo in that price range. I got mine used (it's twelve years old and still kicks major ass) for 300 bucks.

I'm not sure about those bands, but with my Jackson JSX and my Metal Muff, the classic 30 pulls off some decent metal. nothing amazing, but I'd probably say that that's the far end of the spectrum.

It's rock n roll tone is absolutely awesome, and it's volume is very managable. meaning it can be turned way down for practice, or loud enough to play good sized gigs (even though chances are your amp will be mic'ed anyway.) I have played my classic 30 to a crowd of about a 75 in like festival style (outdoors) and I did that WITHOUT a mic, I just cranked it, and it sounded awesome. Don't take this for granted, as you may not get a loud enough sound to do that (for your tastes) but for me, it's loud enough, and gets quiet enough, and that's the best part about this amp.
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I've heard some reliabiality issues with the lower end B-52's now that I've been doing some research. Like, fuse problems, channel deaths, that sort of thing. Anybody else heard that?

I'm also thinking of small tube amp, so was looking at it.


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lol acutally i have the half stack at-100 and its pretty great, ill recommend mabye the 1 12" to my friend