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if i wanted to buy a guitar, probably an epi lp, and my parents didn't like noise and all i wanted for an amp was some thing i could plug headphones into, what would you suggest?
Roland Cube.
Those are amazing
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Microcube or the Vox DA5, nice low wattage versatile practice amps. I think you can run headphones into both.
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Roland Cube.
Those are amazing

+1 agreed i got one they are great little practice amps!
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Anything SS would work.. But would suggest a modeller of some kind or multi effects pedal if all your doing is listening to it through head phones. And that way you wont get bored of with it. Headphone only playing on a ss amp will get old quick unless you have some things to make it intresting...
yeah a microcube would work.
or maybe a vox amplug?
$40 headphone amp
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a smokey amp! j/k The Roland cube is a great little amp so I recommend that, but if you got the bones, the Peavey Mini Colossal is awesome!
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