A Jackson RR3 Transparent Black. The thing is it's used. The owner before bought it new, didn't like it and traded it in to a local guitar shop. They are getting it shipped to them from their other location in a couple days. When I try it out what should I look for? They're giving it to me for 500 and the owner said he didn't like it so I'm thinking there's something wrong.
people have different opinions on guitars, it doesnt mean its bad. I can't stand schecter necks, but they're still great guitars for other people. I love Parkers, but my friend hates em.
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Thats the same guitar I have, maybe it just felt uncomfortable to him or somethin, cuz i love mine and everyone else i talk to with one its the same. Ull like it
They look good to me, just make sure you know how to string the Floyd Rose, otherwise you may really hate the guitar.
dude they are awsome looking and most have good sound but if ur lookin for sumthin to sit down and play with like they are a total bitch to play sitting down
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a nice action+playability
watch out for any scratches/damage
then its all gravy
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I got one myself recently. Exact same color and model, a transparent black RR3. The finish looks almost like it has a hint of dark green occasionally under certain lights. It's a monster but it's hard to reach the 22nd fret sometimes. Anyway, I don't regret buying it at all. It's a wonderful guitar.
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Yeah I know some people feel uncomfortable with Vs but 200 off the regular price? Hopefully its good.

And I have indeed played RR guitars but never owned a guitar with a floyd rose but I'm prepared to learn!
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