Need some advice from the pros...eh but they're not here so I thought I'd ask you guys

I've been playin for quite some time, but mainly acoustic. Recently been switchin over to mostly electric stuff cause I'm playin lead for the pep band at my college next year. Anyways right now I play a pretty standard SG, love the the thing but gonna upgrade this summer. Basically I know I want something that I can play dang near anything on, 24 frets or so, Floyd Rose, and thats basically it on my check list right now. Something that'll be great to shred on, any advice on other stuff I should look for? Prolly gonna be in the $600-$1000 range, maybe more. Idk I can 'justify' a lot when it comes to buying guitars haha.
That's pretty much every Ibanez guitar. Go check the reviews. Sorry man, I know nothing about Ibanez.
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Schecter C-1 FR. or maybe an Ibanez...an RG Prestige with an Edge Pro wouldn't be bad. or that new S series with 24 frets and the ZR bridge.
Jackson Dk2m.
Then you can use the rest of the money for a used tube combo.
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how about an epiphone les paul custom elitist..or something like that...

edit: oops, didnt see you wanted 24 frets..didnt read carefully...
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Make sure you want a trem though, They can be a haste to learn and maintain.(almost) Every guitarist wants a floyd on their second guitar, including me, and now I can't stand the things. just try things out before asking people to get an idea of what you really want.
Jackson DK2 or DK2M.

Great guitars make sure you get the black floyd. The chrome ones suck **** compared to the black ones.

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^ i don't know about the RG350. there are definitely better Ibanez's for not too much more.
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Pickups are not that versatile...on that ESP..

Well, Ibanez is off the chart since the TS never liked any he played (and I guess he tried quite a few...I hope).

Let me give this a shot:
Schecter Hellraiser FR: Floyd Rose, Duncan Pickups which can be coil splitted (according to Schecter) and great looks.
Jackson DK2M Dinky: Floyd Rose, Duncan Pickups...not sure bout the coil split though
Washburn X40Pro: Floyd Rose, coil split, Buzz Feiten system...great looks, smooth neck

And sorry for suggesting this, but give Ibanez another shot, their tonal variation is pretty much unmatched:
Ibanez S2170: Floyd Rose, Dimarzio pickups, great tonal variation due to single coil and humbuckers, fast neck...
Ibanez SV5470A: ZR Floyd Rose, Fast neck, Single coils and Humbuckers, coil split...the most tonal variation on one guitar I can come up with...

And now for the outlandish:
Mayones Setius Pro: Floyd Rose, available with Seymour Duncan or Dimarzio pickups with coil split, and in H-S-S, H-S-H and H-H configurations.

And many others, but these guitars are all very nice pieces of work, within your budget or just outside them....(some but more than others)....
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Not versatile? EMG's (especially 81's) can fit into any music genre, hence the tens of thousands of people using them.
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Not versatile? EMG's (especially 81's) can fit into any music genre, hence the tens of thousands of people using them.

With versatility I refered to not being able to coilsplit them for that singlecoil sound.

If you need a guitar that can be used for just about anything I'm going to assume it'll have to be able to coilsplit or feature a singlecoil to get those specific sounds....

No flame intended or anything, and I damn like that model even
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Well yeah, I guess the most versatile pickups are Duncans. They have that sort of roundish generic sound. EMG's can be used to play any genre and have a great crunchy sound.

No flame intended either