I am going to start with this, i have been playing guitar since about december. at my school we have to do this senior project to graduate, if we dont do this one project we do not graduate with our class. I have been thinking and i would like to build a custom strat for my project. I would like to somewhat re-create an EVH style strat ( with the paint, unfinished look) I have just about until next febuary to finish it so i decided to start now. I need to stat with a body so if anybody has a body please let me know and maybe we can figure something out. NOTE: i only need an old beat up squire body so nothing worth much. I would really like it if you guitar experts will help me with ideas and such. this will make the whole process much easier and i will end up with a better finished product. ANY pointers or information about assembly or parts or any procedure whatsoever will be amazing help. Thanks guys.