I know I made a guitar with a very thin neck. Without the fretboard it is 5/8" thick. should I be worried about the truss rod since it has to be 7/16" deep of a route?
Yeah, considering the truss would have to rip thorugh an 1/8 inch of wood lol! Without a truss rod it will snap like a twig, with one it will probably rip out the back.

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Wait I'm wrong lol. thats 1/4 inch... uhm I honestly don't know. I know you need a truss rod no matter what, strings place about 180lbs. of tension on the neck I think.
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uhh yeah, if you make it to thin, your truss shows, and your neck is ruined...

you shouldnt really be worried, about that since its already done... i hope you laminated your neck atleast, or you have a really nice quartersawn fingerboard or something. you still have a good 3/16 of wood between your truss rod and stuff, and a truss rod is not going to break through.

i just looked at your build, youre laminated, you are good my friend. ottar seriously doesnt know what hes talking about, if you laminated that neck right, you wouldnt even NEED a truss rod to keep it straight, but its always nice to be able to control your relief and such. a glue joint on a neck is the best possible thing for a neck, it can hold ALOT of pressure, especially two
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I have a 3 piece laminated maple neck center which it is going through being quarter sawn.