hEy eveyone,

I recently sold my ATV for a price far beyond what I expected, and with all that money i have more than enough to get a guitar built by a well known luthier in my area. Now I will soon be contacting him with specs and all, there is where i need help.

I was looking for a PRS/lespaul type body with a string through body, fortuning stability and sustain, probably a nice dark wood ( weight not being a problem), just to get an almost opposi ound to my G&L legacy ( strat). I want a warm sound, ki of like santana, with the soudn dfhumbuckers and maybe a singleso H-S-H? or H-H coil splitted
alsoill mainbly play blues and rock, a little bit of clean, so noshredding involved here

24 fret maple neck, with rosewood fingerboard ( will be getting it almost exact to my strat neck beause i love the playability, an comfy-ness)

String trough body ( a la PRS)

medium jumbo frets ( for bends and all i rathe them)

H-S-H or H-H coil splitted (still need to figure out which kind of pups)

Probably custom inlays (something t represent my father whom passed away last year on a firefighter intervention, so a nice honor for which means alot to me)

apar frm that i dontknow what else i need, Ill probably keep it wood, stained probably dark, but still showing the wood grain and all

If i forgot anything i need to know tell me :P or make suggestions, AND NO EMG PUPS, they steal the souls of guitars :P ( just kidding) :P but still no emgs for me
Quote by Guitarwoody7
sound like santana= santana sig guitar

I dont want it necessarily to soud like santana nor do i want a santana signature, did not read my post, i am getting a luthier guitar, i just want a sound that is not like ym srat so it was an example, sanantana being an example, just wanting a ''heavier' sound u get it ?
Strat type body (Maybe the Les Paul if you're into that)
Nice access all the way to the 22nd fret, (Personally I don't like the 24 frets)
Dimarzio D Activators (I hear they're pretty versatile)
Set neck, stop bar or neck thru (No tremolo)
And some nice inlays to jam with soul.

Sounds good.
I say you draw it out and find out what's best for you.
Keyword: YOU. lol
Take some time in the morning or night to think about this man.
Make sure it's perfect