Whether you believe it was Al Qaeda or the US government, whether you believe that it was a controlled demolition or that it was brought down by fire or whether a plane hit the pentagon or not, there is only one solid, stone cold, indisputable fact about September 11th

According to FAA standard operating procedure, if a plane flies off course then the FAA must make contact with the plane. If the problem cannot be solved within about a minute, the FAA notifies NORAD who will scramble jet fighters from the nearest airforce base. The hijacked planes will have two F-16 jet fighters on there tail within about 10 minutes.

Alright, now can somebody please explain to me how the hell ANY of these hijacked planes were able to reach their targets? The planes were hijacked for MUCH LONGER than 10 minutes and yet none were intercepted by NORAD, which has the greatest radar system on the entire planet.

Now after this, any possibility that Al Qaeda simply executed a perfect operation are thrown right out the window. That only leaves two possibilities

A) The government knowingly allowed it to happen

B) They did it themselves

Whichever one is true, it is the single most disgusting thing I have ever heard in my entire life

Think about that for a minute
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