I want to start playing classical guitar but I don't have knowledge of classical music, just in piano.
Tell me some songs to play, some easy ones, I already know Romanza.
hahahah Romanza....

Nah, Fur Elise isn't TOO hard. Bouree is kind of hard, but can be learned.

Classical Gas is cool, but ****ing long.
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I think every classical guitarist should learn Villa Lobos' Prelude Number 1. It's really gets the maximum out of the guitar.
He's a ****ing beginner. Get your facts straight or don't post misleading information. This goes for practically everyone in the thread. If someone is starting on classical guitar, first you have to know if they're going to go about it seriously, or if they just want to mess around. Don't just pull pieces out of your ass because you can play them or have heard people play them. That doesn't mean they're adequate for someone starting.

Rightttttttttttttttttttt. So, are you serious about the classical guitar TS? If so, I really recommend you get a teacher so that you have formal instruction in technique apart from having a proper repertoire. If you do look for a teacher, make sure he knows what he's on about. Lot's of people "offfer" classical guitar and even jazz, but don't know what they're doing.

If you don't want to learn formal technique and just want to ass around with the classical, you can dive into any of those pieces. Please realize that if you start to play that VillaLobos prelude, by the time you're done with it you'll have picked up lots of bad habit apart from not playing it too well.

Back onto serious guitarists! I'd really recommend that the first thing you ask your teacher after he teaches you the basics(if you find a teacher) is to learn studies(if he doesn't get there first). There are lots of authors that wrote hundreds and hundreds of studies to build up your technique of which the "clichéd" are Sor, Carcassi, Carulli and Giuliani. Coste also wrote a lot and so did Brouwer, but you can get into those later.

Sor: Get a book called: 30 progressive studies. It's essential for any classical guitarist that's starting out and most are very beautiful little pieces.

Of the others, you can probably find books on the internet, maybe even collections with studies from all of them. Make sure you identify what each study is aiming at. Right hand techniques, scales, arpeggios etc. You want to gain hand control in order to be able to play more serious pieces.

This is all assuming you'll be reading music. I recommend that you do since there is much more material available both in shops and online in sheetmusic than in tabs. Tabs are also inaccurate, especially from the resources most people get them from.

Anyway, think about the teacher and think about what you want to do with the classical guitar. I'll post a link to a few nice threads in a bit which I'd appreciate if you bumped to the top of the forum with any questions or suggestions.

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+1 on Carulli.

He's got a classic method book that is filled with little exercises. I believe it is still in print in a French/Italian edition. Great stuff for beginners!
Yeah confusius knows what he's talking about.

I suggest that you take lessons for classical guitar too.
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