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I have pretty long hair, and people always tell me to get a haircut. I find this kind of annoying, as it seems like people can't accept me for who I am.

What are your thoughts on long hair? How do/would you react if/when somebody tells you to get a haircut?

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people tell me to cut it, or they think its nasty. it's puffy and gets pretty dry at times. i've wanted to cut it off a couple of times, but i don't want to.
My grandma on my mom's side tells me to cut it but my grandma on my dad's side says to leave it.

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i used to have long ass hair and would constantly get the douchey "cut it!!1" comments. I shrugged it off, but eventually it got annoying so i cut it. it looks a lot better now, and I don't look like a fag.
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the usual reaction i get is something a long the lines of "WTF!? HOLY SHIT!"
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I had long hair to my below my shoulder, but then the ladyfriend didnt like it and said i wouldnt get any until i cut it......................I was really close to punching her in the face for saying that to me, but then i thought about it and said, hmmm sex or long hair?
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i had short hair for my whole life now i am growing it no comments so far and its the longest its been in my life although its stil pretty damn short (2inches long) i just needed a change
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Well, i have short hair now, but when i had a mohawk it was about 6-8 inches tall and all i got was a bunch of weird looks and every now and again someone would be like "**** YEAH MOHAWK"

Really, people are scared of what they don't understand. I'm not a mean person at all.
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I had long hair and nobody bothered me about it. I eventually cut it because it got on my nerves during the summer time.

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Well, i have short hair now, but when i had a mohawk it was about 6-8 inches tall and all i got was a bunch of weird looks and every now and again someone would be like "**** YEAH MOHAWK"

Really, people are scared of what they don't understand. I'm not a mean person at all.

Yeah I get a lot of that too, only my mohawk is 14" or so so most people just ask me how I get my hair to stand up, after the the whole "WTF OMG!" thing.
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People automatically assume that I'm friends with all of the faggot scene kids, and listen to their ****ty-ass ****ing music, and that I'm some stereotypical rock&roll kid with no original thoughts and emotions. When I lived in the city random people in the street would threaten to slit my throat for having long hair.
people didn't say much but my mum told me to get it cut. I eventually got it cut by a hot hairdresser and she said I had gorgeous hair.

EDIT - some hot chick randomly grabbed my hair once and I also got a bit of attention when some other chick straightened it. sadly, I have been receiving less attention since I got it cut.
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Mom: Cut it!!
Dad: I dont care
Girls: You have pretty blond hair (direct quote )
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some people ask to poke it....

that's what she said (refer to quote in my sig for added hillarity/stupidity)
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Some people tell you to get it cut cause they think its cool or something I guess. Others think its awesome, but most dont give a ****.

This reminds me of an unrelated story about a kid with liberty spikes in my school.

My school has this stairway in whats called "the link." Its infamous for being overcrowded, slow, and impossible to efficiently navigate. So theres this kid named Joe Bosko with huge ass liberty spikes and he gets bumped over trying to get through, and he falls down. But he doesnt get up, he just stays there in everyones way making it even more impossible to get through.

When I pass I say, "Joe, why are you sittin there?"
"Someone pushed me over and didnt say sorry!"
"You show em joe!!"
I got hair to my mid back and people around me all know im cool and nice, so they dont care.
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well in sports practice when someone tells me to get a haircut i say, well how bout i worry about my hair, and you worry about your fat ass,
at that point i leave them in the dust,
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lol people think i am crazy to have my hair so long
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I got a ****in afro...don't get me wrong, I love my afro with every inch of my heart, but do you know the harassment I go through? Some of it I don't mind, like all the hot chicks screaming and playing with my hair, that I don't mind.

But those damn people who are always telling me to cut it? It's freaking insane! People are always saying, "Cut that damn thing, it's in my way."

Drives me insane, why the hell can they just accept the fact that I got an afro and nothin's gonna change about it, not matter how much they bitch.
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i have long pubic hair does that count?
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They love it

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People are like,'Zomgz lol ! lol Look at that guiz long hair lol! lol Liek, omg lol!' Then I punch them in the face.
Girls love my hair.

But then again, it's not really that long, it's more of a medium length. I still have to listen to the "get a haircut" comments, but just from my parents.
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Looking at your profile picture, you don't have "pretty long hair."

And maybe you should get it cut. Don't lose the length, but get it styled... it looks like that stage of long hair growth that looks crap.

That picture was taken 2 years ago. I can see why you'd say that though; it's not long at all. Right now it's shoulder length, which I suppose still "isn't that long," but it's long enough to be considered different in my city.
Fortunately I don't get much shit for it, but I do get the occasional "you need a haircut..." (ironically from the worst looking people) or the popular "your hair's really long..." Oh, thanks. I haven't looked in a mirror in the past three years.
Those who like it like it a lot though. I take good care of it: I trim it and wash it often so it actually looks good.
My hair is down to my shoulders and totally crazy cool,

End everyone appreciates the crazy coolness,

Even my new boss,

To quote him on my training day; "It's company policy that all staff will have a clean and tidy appearance, this means short to mid-length hair, clean shaven etc. Except for you, it takes serious commitment to look like that so I'll let it slide"

He's a mad dude
People have stopped caring.
I only get reactions like, "Omg! I thought you were a girl!"
You're not brutal.

(click the smiley!)

They say, "You look like a girl," which really doesn't bother me....
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