Another question: Should i go for this or build by assemble my own from a Fender body, Warmoth neck, etc?
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good guitar for what your going for

I would just say instead of spending that much cash, get something that I think is just as good

get the JTK4 Jetking

great guitar, great value, great sound, good for what your looking for


A Jetking doesn't equal a Jazzmaster. And yeah TS the Jazzmaster will definitely suit you well, lots of great alternative bands have used the Jazzmaster to get great tones (especially for soloing).
Also, perhaps consider the Epiphone Casino, the SG Jr., and whatever PRS SE model had P-90s. All of those lay in a similar price range to that Jazzmaster.
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^ i've been GASing over the SG Junior for a long time, but sadly they were discontinued last year and you'll be hard-pressed to fin a non-vintage example on eBay.
What about Japanese Epi's and Orvilles? i hear that Japanese craftsmanship is on par with America.
A Jazzmaster would definitely be able to do that.

I've heard good things about the Jaguar HH as well if you don't want the tremolo.
I like my casino, but it's a pain in the arse getting to lower frets, I'd prolly trade it for a jazzmaster if I could.
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MIJ guitars are pretty good. I'm sure if you can find a good Tokai with P-90's, it'd be worth it.

thanks, i'll definitely go check 'em out.