So my friend cleaned out a house a few days ago and found two gutiars: one from a brand called "Sledgehammer" and the other being a Kramer. It looked like a sweet guitar but I have no idea what exactly it is. From a little research I just did I think I determined that it is some overseas model based on this website (http://www.vintagekramer.com/parts2.htm). The neck plate is like the last one on that page. I couldn't tell what kind of pickups were on it, but it was H/S/S and they had something like "Quad" written on them (I forgot to write that down). I also got the serial number which was "S00090402". The headstock just had Kramer written on it.

I'll try to get some pics tomorrow if I can but if anyone can help me out based on this info that would be sweet. Thanks.
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that'll be a new kramer from musicyo.com

they're ok. The old ones supposedly kick ass though.
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