Discuss Ninja Warrior from G4.
What's the best warrior, and what's your favorite?

The best in my opinion is Nagano, and My fav is the first winner, starts with an a.
I like shingo himatori. I think that's his name at least.

And i think they make way to big of a deal over "Mr. Ninja Warrior", as he always gets out in the first round.

Great show by the way
Paul Gilbert
Steve Vai
Joe Satriani
John Petrucci
I love this show! They all look the same to me and the guy talks too fast so I dont have a favorite, but I love watching them fall in the poo water.
So it goes.
great show

my favorite is that like 18 year old gymnast dude, he usually makes it to the 2nd round
i think he has a little brother too that does it, not good with the japanese names
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makoto nagono ftw


I love ninja warior.

I just think that some of the newer obstacles are getting a bit too intense.
Nagano is the fisherman right? He's a beast.

I feel bad for the guy who won and can't get past the first stage anymore.

I love how people like a gas station worker and a fisherman can perform better than gold-medal olympic gymnasts (the Hamm brothers).

Also- female version sucks.