okay well i was gonna get the ibanez rg350dx as a second guitar but then i read the reviews aand its not too good. then i decided on a fender american deluxe strat but then i found out that it was out of my reach. (money wise). so now i decided on an epiphone les paul studio, good choice for a second? and if you have it can you tell me the pros and cons?. thanks.
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Uh, a very bad choice. There aren't really many good things to be said of it, and they're quite cheap. What was your budget to begin with?

$1000 is my budget
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$1000 is my budget

aren't the studios only about $150? or are you talking about the custom
i have to go to bed its like 12am but can people send me suggestions on a good guitar under 1000$ i play mostly everything exept for country. just send through this thread and i will check in the morning.
Yea, if your budget is 1000 dollars, an Epiphone lp custom is a solid choice, if not a gibson at that price (used of course) other guitars that may satisfy that would be a seriously ass kickingly modded mexican strat (the guitar is only like 4- 500, but you could put 400 worth of mods in it and have an unbeatable guitar.) Really high end PRS's are nice, but you gotta be careful with those, because the lower ones are absolutely crap. some gretch's maybe, but only if you're gonna be goin kinda old fashioned stuff, you know, no heavy distortion or metal or anything
good luck

Anyway, you should most definitely get something awesome at that price
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