Alright, I got real bored, so I wrote this song. It's pretty Opeth influenced:


[Clean singing]

"A cold breeze awakens me
Monotonous droning of insects
Vultures circling upon
the unrecognizable carrions beside me

Lost in the fog
No recollection
of what has made me be
Some believe in a higher force,
and some like me uncertain

Some devoted to,
an empire of their reassurance,
their shepard
Neverending forest
I am waist deep in the dead

March on
away from the swamp
From where
I once thought,
that I had belonged

Frozen and withering
I am one with maya
My duality strengthens
I have reached nirvana

comes so rarely
An experience forgotten

How could I lose you?


My addiction grows stronger
One with nature, with the all-seeing
Opens my eyes, the celestial voice
I am watcher, observer
I have plateaud
Looking down at the ones soaked in rivers of filth
Yet I am weak
Yet I am frail...

Satiate me, satisfy me
I am but mortal, I am but vulnerable
My crimson fluid of life
tainted with the parasitic being
Temporary release from this mortal coil

Percieve in contempt, in disgust
as this growing virus consumes,
devours the very thing
that manifests
my already battered organic being

What have I become?
My spirit contorted, warped beyond
my wildest, most twisted imaginations
Vivid, surreal, haunting and decomposing
into pieces of mirror reflecting what I once was

The past, the future
so far behind, unreachable
With tears of sorrow,
I reach into the dead sky
drowning, sinking into my confusion -
My dysphoria....

[clean vocals again]

Left behind my soul
Trapped within walls
of malignant, self-created

Found my zen in my,
personal hell
Crawling in a plain
of melted ice
and long-dead trees

Some believe in a higher force,
some devoted to,
an empire of their reassurance,
their shepard

I see only what is there
I do not believe a path to follow
I am unconcerned about fate, future, or past
I see no law to abide to
I see but a blank canvas
I see nihility. "

If you haven't figured out, it's a story about a guy in a world he finds confusing and full of filth, then goes on to have some kind of experience which makes him think of himself as some sort of higher power or demigod.

The very thing making him powerful is at the same time, weakening him, leading to his destruction. He winds up back where he started, with a new perspective of things, thinking of his life as an unfinished painting. He is now content, but he is going on to do whatever. :P

You can intrepret this as a buncha different things: Religion, being powerdrunk, hard drugs, depression, etc, etc.

Anyways, feedback?
better than most. I'd complain about some of the lines being too long or something, but I'm sure you could fit music to it perfectly. not perfect, but I've seen much worse. Good work