after a long day? or is it just detrimental?What if yoiu are NATURALLY a high achiever with things but also a nirmally stressed person?
nirmally, people talk about this in the drug thread. yoiu should too.
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smoke your brains out; no harm done.

+1 go ahead man
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there is nothing better after a long day, than to get nice and toasted, eat dinner, watch tv, surf the net and just chill.
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I see nothing wrong with occasional use after a stressful period of time, or in celebration.
Me and my friends just finished an extremly stressful project that we have to pass in order to graduate, so I'll be smoking plenty. DO IT.
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in b4 omg you'll die if you smoke marijuana
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after a long day? or is it just detrimental?What if yoiu are NATURALLY a high achiever with things but also a nirmally stressed person?

Seriously though, if you are a high stress person there are two main possibilities:

1. You get paranoid and worked up and more stressed and anxious than before.


2. You chill out.

No one is naturally a high achiever (lol nice pun there). People be may be genetically predisposed towards excelling at certain things, but that doesn't mean they will. No matter who you are you need to put in time and effort to be good at something, and so long as cannabis doesn't make you forget that, you will still be a "high achiever".
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http://www.drugs-forum.co.uk/forum/local_links.php?linkid=5023&catid=21 (2008 Cannabis Classification review by the ACMD (Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs))

Whatever the UK gov and its crony newspapers are saying, Brown's own scientific advisory council disagrees with him and the police aren't going to enforce the new laws.

The links between cannabis and schizophrenia are dubious, weak, and do merit further investigation, but don't prove anything.

Here, lets have a lesson in elementary statistics that is evidently lost upon New Zealand's overzealous drug warrior scientists.

Repeat after me, : Correlation does not prove causation. Correlation does not prove causation. Correlation does not...