i just got 15 inches taken off. 13 of which is sitting in a ponytail in my kitchen bout to get mailed off to locks of love.

whats the most you guys have ever chopped off?
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5 inches of pure pube

thats like what iv got left... on my head...
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When I was a kid and my sister was pissing me off, I cut 10 inches of her hair while she was sleeping.

Yes, I was a bum.
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uhh like 8 inches maybe, but now its long again so im good :P
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i cut it off cuz its so freakin hot in the summer. its hard getting used to. i still try to hold the hair out of my way when i eat and shave haha
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I have no idea. But it was to my nipples and had to be cut really really short because I had to go to court.
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I have no idea. But it was to my nipples and had to be cut really really short because I had to go to court.

6 inches about, i still miss that hair.
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Nearly 30 inches.

holy crap! how long did it take you to grow it that far? and why that much off?

God you must have looked like herman li
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Nipple to chin. I can't process that in metric dimensions, you'll just have to visualise it.
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10 inches, if i didnt cut it my friends would have....
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i'll be having lots off next month... =/
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about 40 inches, my hair is shoulder length now

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I didn't measure it but it was really long and then I was practically bald.
A little over 30 inches when I joined the Army. My mother cut it off. She wasn't going to be denied.
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About two and a half years worth. I've grown more that since.

Never again.

I laugh at you all who's parents make you cut it. Rofl. It's your hair.

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24 inches to 2 inches

the worst day of my life
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well, green day was at woodstock. so they are classic rock! i told you!
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This is the first time in my life I'm growing my hair out. Sadly it can only last the summer because of crappy High School rules.
I've only ever had about 4 inches cut off my hair...I much prefer long hair especially on guys