so I've been dipping and smoking for just about a year now. Never anything serious though, maybe just 4 or 5 cigarettes or dips per day so I'm not like a hardcore addict or anything. But lately I've decided to break the habit, I haven't gotten any immediate problems but I've really been thinking that sometime down the road I could very well develop some serious problems (i.e missing jaw/destroyed lungs) if I keep it up. Basically I've just decided that it's not worth spending money on something that might kill me/take away my face. So I'm simply asking the pit's former smokers or dippers for some advice or tips on how to make this as easy as possible. Thanks in advance to any serious replies.
if you smoke on a time schedule (every morning, after meals...) then you need to first break the schedule and cut back from 5 a day to 4 to 3 to 2 to 1 to every other day. don't smoke til noon, next day 3, then night, skip a day etc.. it seems to work for me

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Just don't buy any cigarettes. Seriously. If you don't have any lying around, you can't get tempted smoke them, no matter how much you want to.
Cold turkey. If you slip and get back into it, just quit again. Keep on doing that and eventually you'll quit for good. (this came from a psychologist)
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Cold turkey. If you slip and get back into it, just quit again. Keep on doing that and eventually you'll quit for good. (this came from a psychologist)

This sounds like a good idea. I got addicted to mountain dew (Probably not as addicting, but still) and I just went cold turkey. Had hardcore headaches for a week, along with cold limbs and poor circulation, but now I'm cool. Lost 5 pounds, and have way more energy now too

But, whenever I drink mountain dew, it super chills me out and calms me down.
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Good for you. Have a cookie.

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i recently quit smoking it was pretty easy
i was the same like 4 cigs a day for a little over a year
then like 2 weeks ago i just stopped
i don't really have any erges but if i do i just try to distract myself
when you really have a strong erge have sex or masturbate
sunflower seeds help with the dipping part of the quitting........the only time i do it anymore is when im getting ready for work but thats a big improvement to almost a tin a day.....or if you cant quit off right off the bat switch to the pouches they dont **** up your gums as much....as for the smoking get the gum
My pops chews gum(regular gum) and does other things to replace the habit. It goes in 10 second waves of craving.
Buy sleeping pills, and sleep for three days or so.
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