This is my cover of the trapeze swinger by iron and wine. I did change one line so it said "up the man" instead of "f*** the man" because my mom was just in the other room when i was recording and i didn't want her bursting in all angry and such. Please let me know what you think. I'll do my best to crit back.

EDIT: I didn't realize until now(a day after I recorded this) that the song actually ends around the 7:10 mark. There's a whole section like half a minute or so after that that plays again...i just forgot to cut it out.

The song is in my profile:
The Trapeze Swinger
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never heard this song before, looked it up and youtube and you got it man. i like your voice. the only thing i noticed was that it seems you are using an electric instead of acoustic, am i correct?

oh, and i got rid of the vocals in my cover of constellations. they werent good and i didnt want to cover up the guitar with them if it wasnt worth it.
Thanks for the crit. It is actually my acoustic but listening to it again it does sound a little like an electric. That's probably because I have extra light elixers and I fiddled with the tone a little bit and added some reverb and such. It would also sound a little more acoustic if i mic'd it instead of plugged it in probably. Anyone else?
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Hey dude, thanks for the crit. I like the guitar alot, its a cool way to play it, makes me want to listen to the real song. I like your voice alot, but I feel like some parts are either out of your range or you dont have the confidence to hit them yet. Keep working man, I really digged it!
i never heard this song before, but it's very nice. you have a very good voice, very pleseant to hear. guitar playing is also great. i just don't like the guitar sound, you should have miced it instead of plugin it in
i know...i might re-do it and mic it next time. i could definitely get a more acoustic sound plugging it in but for some reason i added all that reverb and stuff when i did it the first time. thanks for the comment though.
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