okay so i have a drummer a bassist rhythm guitarst and lead (me) /screaming vocals
and a singer BUT

we have this problem
we got no where to pratice
my parents say its to loud and my house would be the best for it
drummer is best friend so he can only trust leaving his drum kit at my house
doesnt know other guys very well, so we cant pratice anywhere, cant pratice at the
drummers house either cause his drum kits in his room..etc....not a good place to pratice at his house..

any suggestions please D=
Wait, do the other guys have places to practice? Practice at whoever has the space.
Tell the drummer he will just have to pack up his set every day there is practice.

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hell get better at it 5-15 minutes tops depending on how many pieces
I know some guys who had the same problem, so they went out and rented an industrial unit, split it into two soundproof rooms, put a small vocal PA in each room and rented it out by the hour to other bands to practice in as well as practicing there themselves.
Not only have they supplied themselves with a practice place, but they've helped out a lot of other bands in the area with the same problem and are making a financial profit to boot.
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you can place egg containers on your practice room's wall for sound proofing until you get enough money to use better sound proofing materials or find a better place for your rehearsals.
well we practise at my place, as well as our guitarist place. when i have to move the kit, it usually takes me 15 mins to pack the kit up (take it apart) then about 5-10 mins to load it into the car. but this is all coz i have a 6-piece with 4 cymbols. im sure it'd take (if your drummer has a regular 5-piece with just a crash + high-hats) only about 10-15 to do both.

either way your drummer should just do that.