im looking for a les paul and came across this:


does anyone have an EXP guitar cos ive never heard of them but apparently they are made in the gibson factory but just dont have the name making them cheaper.

Can anyone elaborate???
apparently Zeitgeist uses them

give them a listen. if they suck, don't buy it.


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looks like a gibson/epiphone/esp knockoff.
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Please just take your money into a store..
This looks bad...real bad...

for $500 bucks id rather do this..

a really nice refurb..all of the same features..backed up by warranty..


I know guys that have bought refurbs and you couldnt even spot
anything wrong with them..I once bought a blem strat and it had
a tiny dend in the back of the headstock..somethin noone would
ever see..u can look for blimishes in the store as well to get the
manager to take a lil off the price..but its gotta be something that
stands out..One time I even saw this lucky bastard buy a gibson
les paul custom for 1/2 price because one of the pickups didnt work..
he was gonna swap them out anyway..
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